About the ASA

Members of the ASA act as a link between producers of Aluminium, the market sectors and customers,
such as general engineering, automotive and aviation industries.

The ASA also plays an active part in organisations such as the Aluminium Federation in promoting the
use of Aluminium products in a wide range of end uses. The ASA members operate within a strict Code
of Conduct that ensures continuity of supply, high standards and quality systems.

The Benefits are Clear...

ASA Enhanced Apprenticeship

•    Opportunities in Sales, Purchasing and Administration
•    Recruitment 16-25 years of age
•    Support with local schools and colleges
•    On-the-job training in core roles
•    Plus specialist courses in:

      >    Aluminium Product Knowledge
      >    Presentation Skills
      >    Team Working / Leadership
      >    Negotiation
      >    Management
      >    Administration