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alimex is the European leader in the manufacture and supply of surface machined aluminium cast tooling plates (ACP5080P) and aluminium cast block for the mould making industry (ACP5080R) with a know-how stretching over 30 years. This expertise allowed it to take part in pioneering development work in direct cooperation with aluminium smelters on new dimensions of cast blocks. The result is low tension aluminium cast blocks for moulding with a thickness of max. 1000 mm (39") and an individual unit weight up to 11.400 kg (25.000 lbs).

The company manufactures high tolerance cast and machined plates and can supply full size plates or cut plates as well as circles and rings. These are made from cast blocks or rolled plates of various aluminium alloys. Any required size within the available thickness and plate sizes is possible. 


Please watch the video of the European Aluminium Awards 2008 for the award made to alimex for our new  ACP5080 MF (Mirror Finish surface machined tooling plate)

alimex become product sponsor of

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Traveling at a speed of Mach 1.4 – (1050mph) The Fastest Aluminum in the World!

alimex are proud to have become a product sponsor of the BLOODHOUND SSC Project by supporting the construction team of this iconic supersonic car with high quality aluminum. alimex will be taking part when the new vehicle achieves its target of 1,050 mph (1,690 kmh) and marks the greatest incremental increase in the history of the World Land Speed Records.
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The product range extends up to tailor-made aluminium components, which are manufactured in-house in accordance with customer specifications using the latest 5-axis CNC-machines.

Products include:

  • ACP 5080R: Sawn, stress relieved aluminium cast material, blocks, full size plates, cut plates, circles and rings, profiled blocks.
  • ACP 5080P and ACP 6000: High precision aluminium cast plate, stress relieved, surface-machined, cut plates, circles and rings.
  • ACP 5080R "S" : Developed especially by alimex for the Semiconductor and Vacuum Chamber technology markets.ACP5080R "S" provides superior mechanical properties over regular 5XXX alloys including our own ACP5080R material, 'Specially' homogenized and stress relieved. Ultrasonic tested.
  • PLANAL: Precision surface-machined aluminium rolled plate, cut plates, circles and rings.
  • AMP 8000: High strength aluminium plate and cut plates for moulding and general engineering.
  • Rolled Aluminium Plate: To DIN EN-standards, cut plates, circles and rings.
  • Round Bars: To DIN EN-standards.
  • Aircraft Materials: Alloy, eg. 3.1354, 3.4364, 3.3214: Sheet, plates, flat bars, round bars, tubes, angles, channels, tee-profiles to national and international standards.
  • High Precision Components: Including large size components using innovative CNC-processing.
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