Aluminium Alloy Effects and Specifcation Guide

Aluminium is mostly used in the form of alloys of pure aluminium in combination with other elements in order to improve the mechanical properties of the metal, especially to increase strength and corrosion resistance. Alloy elements to achieve certain properties on the final product are listed below:


Element Effect
Iron (Fe) increases the strength
Silicon (Si) higher strength in combination with Mg
Copper (Cu) increases the mechanical properties, reduces corrosion-resistance
Magnesium (Mn) increases the mechanical properties, changes deep-drawing quality
Manganese (Mg) high strength after cold forming
Chromium (Cr) more strength in combination with elements like Cu, Mn, Mg
Titanium (Ti) higher strength
Zinc (Zn) reduces corrosion-resistance


Main Aluminium-alloy Classifications

Alloys with their main elements Series Typical Applications
99.0% min Aluminium 1XXX foil, Litho-sheet, sheet
Copper 2XXX aircraft industry
Manganese 3XXX cans, building, radiators
Silicon 4XXX heat exchangers & engineering
Magnesium 5XXX cans, automobile, facades, building, transportation
Magnesium and Silicon 6XXX automobile, building, transportation
Zinc 7XXX aircraft industry, radiators
other elements 8XXX foil (Fe), aircraft industry (Li)

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