Exciting Link in Supply Chain

Aluminium Stockholders buy large quantities of products from producers all over the world and
sell the products to the customer in smaller quantities.

With ever growing global markets, producers of Aluminium and other metals are located in many
parts of the world to take advantage of lower labour costs in developing countries such as China
and India. For UK industry to take advantage of these growing economies, they rely on the Aluminium
stockholder to manage the stock portfolio and supply chain on their behalf.

Aluminium stockholders supply material to varied market sectors and you will be already either
using or travelling on or in products supplied by this diverse sector of the supply chain.


These include:

•    AEROSPACE  -  A380 Airbus, Eurofighter

•    AUTOMOTIVE  -  Jaguar, Honda, Land Rover, Bentley, Aston Martin

•    MINISTRY OF DEFENCE  -  Armoured Cars, Tanks, Metal Roads, Missiles

•    MARINE  -  Yachts, Work Boats, Naval Craft

•    AUTOSPORT  -  Formula One, Touring Cars, Karting, Moto GP

•    COMMUNICATION  -  Mobile Phones, MP3 Players

•    ENGINEERING  -  Component Manufacturing

•    CONSTRUCTION  -  Wembley Stadium, The Gherkin

•    SPORTS EQUIPMENT  -  Goal Posts